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Grande Prairie District Rural Crime Watch Association

Grande Prairie District Rural Crime Watch Association logoGrande Prairie District Rural Crime Watch Association FlyerMission: Grande Prairie District Rural Crime Watch Association works collaboratively with law enforcement to prevent crime through education, information and presence in rural communities.

Purpose: Grande Prairie District Rural Crime Watch Association is proactive in rural crime prevention through meetings and information sessions throughout the County. Members are encouraged to be an extra set of eyes and ears for law enforcement, reporting suspicious activities which can deter, prevent or stop criminal activity.

The Grande Prairie District Rural Crime Watch Association (GPDRCWA) started in 1983 and is a member of the Alberta Provincial Rural Crime Watch Association.

The association’s mission is to work collaboratively with law enforcement to prevent crime through education, information and presence in rural communities. The group collaborates with local RCMP, County Enforcement, Fish & Wildlife and other crime prevention agencies they assist community residents in who to contact in certain situations. Areas served by the GPDRCWA are parts of the County of Grande Prairie and MD of Greenview with close working relationships with neighbouring associations Beaverlodge and Grovedale.

GPDRCWA Vice President Mary Fisher and Membership Director Sharon Kimble best describes the association as “Neighbours helping Neighbours.” They feel that residents are an extra set of “eyes and ears” for law enforcement by reporting suspicious activity, the group can reach the goal of making rural communities a safer place to live.

Rural Crime Watch Area SignTo help members be proactive in rural crime prevention, the agency offers Crime Watch signage for member properties and an automated fan out phone calling system to inform them of suspicious or criminal activity in their area or any other valuable information. For example, if there is a robbery in a specific area RCMP and Crime Watch when contacted, can, in turn, contact members through the fan-out system so; they are aware of the situation and can be more diligent in watching in their area. When the RCMP is aware of rural hot spots, they can increase patrols in those areas. Increased RCMP presence usually equates to less crime. 

The volunteer-run organization has a great mix of new and more experienced members leading to new and innovative ideas. Some volunteers have been members for 1 or 4 years. While; others have been there between 15 to 30 years. All have a vote and option to be elected to the board if they so choose. The organization’s Annual General Meeting; is usually held mid-April but due to COVID-19 and to comply with AHS safety regulation this year’s AGM will be held June 23rd, 2021.

The association has not been as active with in-person events as they once were due to COVID-19, but with restrictions easing, they look forward to being part of the Rural Grande Prairie community once again.

For more information about the Grande Prairie District Rural Crime Watch Association call 780-831-4390 or email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it., you can also visit their website at

Canadian Mental Health Association Alberta Northwest Region

Canadian Mental Health Association Alberta North West Region

Vision: To Provide Resources to Foster Communities of Mentally Healthy People.

Mission: To Promote Mental Health for Individuals and Our Community.

Randy Arsenault - CMHA ANWR Executive DirectorSince 1995 the Canadian Mental Health Association Alberta Northwest Region (CMHA ANWR) has been serving Grande Prairie helping those with mental health issues and addiction.  A branch of the national CMHA this organization works to provide tailored programs and services to assist those in need in our area.

CHMA ANWR helps support the community in various ways; their main office located downtown at Willow Place, is an apartment building with 57 units owned & operated by the agency.  Built in 2003, these Studio apartments house individuals with mental health problems and/or recovering from addictions. Tenants within Willow place; must qualify for affordable housing, be able to pay rent and live independently with support.

Willow Place is also home to CMHA ANWR’s Hub Resource Centre, with funding from Alberta Health Services, this program offers those with mental health and or in recovery the chance to partake in planned activities, such as collective kitchen to prepare group meal, arts & crafts, and social gatherings.  The Hub helps develop social interaction and grow community support and resources for participants, Volunteers help with planning and instructing many of the Hub activities. Our Treats & Sweets program is an Ice Cream Stand located south of Centre 2000 and is operated by our clients selling snacks to the community. The Treats & Sweets Stand also helps promote CMHA & Willow Place to the public while at the same time gives clients community engagement. 

Read more: Canadian Mental Health Association Alberta Northwest Region

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